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Symbiostic 018 | Me & Yourself EP

by: Nicola Romeo & Marco Giuseppe
remix by: Herz & Kerbe, Confronted, Franksen & Redux

Release date: 25/06/2015

Feedbacks by: Bryan Brack (Sci+Tec), Brian Gros (Minus), Daniel Mehlhart (Kindisch) and many more.../p>

Release No. 18 on Symbiostic delivers with the Frankfurter Nicola Romeo and Marco Giuseppe warm Deephouse feelings grounded on a melancholic basement . A big forward-driven version by Confronted certainly causes big smiles on the dance floor while the package got completed with two more remixes by Franksen & Redux and Herz & Kerbe - both established artists & Djs-Duos in the Mainmetropole and member of Nicolas WeAreTogether Party Collective.