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Welcome to Symbiostic.

We are an openminded label based in Berlin for physical and digital releases in electronic music.


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Symbiostic 015 | Fades EP

by: Lovcom / incl. Remixes by SRA, MRDIE, Brian Gros

Release date: out now


Someone Else: Decent EP! Carlo Ruetz: Nice Release! Compact Grey: Good techno...

Bryan Brack: Support full!

After a successfull last collaboration with the italian duo Lovcom Symbiostic took a further step in gathering a group of artists on their latest vinyl to capture the essence of dark and deep rolling sounds. LovcomŽs Original gets flanked by three big remixes by Brian Gros, MRDIE and SRA bringing detailed rhythmic effects, strange buzzing delays and bleeps, narcotic atmospheres and exciting interpretations in one intense package.


Symbiostic 014 | Unknown Girl EP

by: Francesco Ballato

Release date: out now


Our third release with Francesco underlines again our beloved swiss connection. After his debut on Symbiostic 003 over two years ago and his own EP Pretuval (Symbiostic009) we are superhappy to welcome the sympathic swiss once again with „Lipstick“ and „Hot Pants“. Typical Ballato style: Aimed forward to the dancefloor with enough room for experimental harmonies. Just the sound you also find in the meantime on its strictly vinyl label Questo!? Music.

The EP gets completed by remixes from Jackrabbit -warm basslines with waving dynamics reflecting the elements of the original- and from Irek -a nice techno track that synthies envolve during a nice arranged track.